CorPeuM’s partners are among the most experienced business professionals in the industry. They use an implementation methodology developed specifically for CorPeuM that provides customers with the fastest way to design, implement, run and support an effective corporate wide performance management application.

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1. Channel Partner Benefits

Unlike most software providers, CorPeuM only operates through accredited Channel Partners. These Channel Partners are carefully chosen on their ability to provide clients with a complete service including business consultancy, training and implementation.

This means that our Channel Partners retain control over their customers at all times and will not find themselves in competition with other partners, including ourselves.

The CorPeuM approach is easy to adapt to all major methodologies, and can be embedded as part of a Channel Partner’s consultancy approach. As a result, it allows them to provide a complete service from initial business consulting right through to implementation of an effective system.

Our pricing also makes it easy for Channel Partners to conduct trials at minimal cost and without any capital expenditure. This provides for low-risk evaluations that help clients to know exactly what they will be getting before making any financial investments.


In working with CorPeuM, Channel Partners are able to take advantage of the predicted market growth for strategy execution systems by:

  • Having a complete approach to Performance Management that is adaptable to their own/clients management framework.
  • Being able to provide long term coaching engagements on improving the execution of corporate strategy.
  • Developing their own management templates within the CorPeuM software solution to fast-track implementations.
  • Having a low-risk approach to CPM systems development.
  • Having access to unique features not found in other systems that allows them to have a differentiated approach.
  • Being able to provide competitive system quotes with an innovative pricing structure.
  • Having the possibility of an exclusive distributor agreement in a defined territory.


2. Channel Partner Profile

We are looking for Channel Partners to join us with the following profile:

  • Focus on Business Intelligence and/or Corporate Performance Management software.
  • Experience in marketing and supporting software applications.
  • Dedicated sales team, including pre-sales consultants.
  • General support desk.
  • Is, or has been, a distributor or reseller of major BI / CPM software applications (e.g. Cognos, Hyperion, Outlooksoft, Frango, BO, Adaytum).
  • Entrepreneurial background where the major shareholder (s) are still involved in operations.
  • That have an established mid-large market client base. 
  • Long term view of business.