CorPeuM is a unique software solution with capabilities not found in other products. Its focus is on improving strategy execution and so combines strategic, tactical and financial planning capabilities with a specialised workflow engine that ensures plans are fully resourced, implemented and monitored. 

To get the maximum benefit from our software, we offer both business consultancy to improve management processes and implementation services to put a solution in place.
All CorPeuM implementation partners have extensive business and technical expertise, and have been trained and certified in our approach to improving strategy execution.


This approach includes:

  • Configuration of the CorPeuM software to model business processes and the link to organizational objectives.
  • Setting up of workflow activities for all those involved in planning, implementing and monitoring strategy.
  • Design and implementation of reports, dashboards and strategy maps.
  • Integration of data from existing systems.
  • Administrator and end-user training.
  • Recommendations for the setup and running of an effective support function.
  • Review and recommended ‘next steps’ following an initial release.

implementation circle