CPM Platform

CorPeuM has been specifically designed to focus on strategy execution in today’s complex, fast changing business environment. 

It possesses the attributes of a modern BI/CPM solution in that it is multidimensional in nature; is financially intelligent; can handle a mixture of financial and statistical measures; is multi-user where users are controlled in terms of their access and data manipulation capabilities; has named-based rules for generating analyses with integrity; and supports unlimited numbers of business dimensions, members and supporting structures. 


However, the way this has been put together and the additional capabilities that have been added, sets CorPeuM apart from other CPM applications.  It’s why we describe CorPeuM as the world’s first strategy execution system.


  Complete Solution

  Integrated Planning Models

  Integrated Reporting Models

  Intelligent Attributes

  Initiative selection and Modelling

  Time / Date Intelligence

  Integrated Process Management

  User Passports

  Audit trail by user and Process

  Integrated Reports and Analyses

  Rental Pricing