Business Consulting

Improving the execution of strategy requires careful attention to the way in which plans are developed, resourced, implemented and monitored. A bad process will not be improved by software, which by itself can only be an enabler.

For this reason CorPeuM can provide specialised business consultancy to improve the way organisations manage performance.


This consultancy covers straightforward, practical ways to:

  • Document the current planning process, models and tools, highlighting where issues occur

  • Identify the current business processes and the measures used to monitor resources, workload and outcomes

  • Specify an Operational Activity Model that links business processes to organizational objectives

  • Specify an Strategy Improvement Model that can be used to collect and monitor strategic initiatives

  • Re-organize management processes by which resources are allocated and monitored.

  • Determine how management processes are triggered when exceptions occur.

  • Prepare recommendations as to the order of any implementation

  • Design and implementation of CorPeuM software that fully support strategy execution.


CorPeuM works with experienced business consultants that are familiar with our approach to strategy execution and that can work within an organisation’s adopted management methodology.  The result is an increased focus on strategy execution and the way in which it can be improved.